Syrian FAS - Financial Analysis and Investment Management


Syrian FAS is a non-profit scientific professional association dedicated to advancing the field of financial analysis and investment management in the Syrian Arab Republic. In collaboration with relevant technical authorities, Syrian FAS aims to elevate the standards of the profession and empower its members to excel in the financial sector.

Key Project Components

  • Website

    UnlimitedWorld has played a pivotal role in creating a comprehensive platform that serves as a window to Syrian FAS for its members and interested individuals. The website is divided into two sections:

    • Public Section

      Accessible to non-registered visitors, this section features:


      Covering economic news with rich content including titles, descriptions, images, and keywords to meet SEO standards.

      Association Introduction

      Providing insights into the association's mission, vision, committee members, goals, and certificates offered.

      Member Directory

      Displaying association members, filterable by academic certificates, professional certificates, cities, and membership types.

      Member Profiles

      Each member has a detailed CV-like profile, showcasing their academic and professional certifications, research, experience, skills, memberships, and courses taken. Visitors can download the entire profile as a dynamic PDF CV.


      Highlighting association events.

      Scientific Activities

      Featuring courses, lectures, and workshops, some of which are exclusive to members. Supported by the EXYPNOS platform, enabling streaming, real-time communication, video and audio chat rooms.


      Hosting association magazines, designed and created by UnlimitedWorld.

      Analytical Data

      Integrating global APIs related to financial analysis.

      Job Opportunities

      Providing a platform for job listings.

    • Private Section

      Exclusive to association members, this section includes:

      Member Dashboard

      Members log in to access their registered courses, edit their CVs and information, set privacy preferences, receive notifications, create surveys or polls, manage financial statements, and more.

      Account Types

      Different account types cater to lecturers, students, regular members, and companies posting job opportunities.

    • Registration Form

      A multi-step registration system for membership requests. Users provide their data and certificates, linking their email for approval by Syrian FAS.

  • Dashboard

    UnlimitedWorld has developed a customized dashboard tailored exclusively for Syrian FAS. This sophisticated tool empowers the association to manage various aspects, including website content, blogs, events, member data and CVs, membership requests, a complex financial system, courses, workshops, lectures, committees, certifications, association logs, files, board of directors, students, lecturers, discounts, surveys, polls, job opportunities, user admin permissions, and more.
    Syrian FAS's tailored dashboard ensures efficient administration and seamless member interaction within the platform.

Future Prospects

Syrian FAS is committed to advancing the field of financial analysis and investment management. Our ongoing efforts revolve around:

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Continuously improving the user experience to ensure members and visitors can easily navigate the platform, access content, and interact seamlessly.

  • Content Enrichment

    Expanding the range of informative content, including articles, blogs, and analytical data, to keep our audience well-informed about the latest trends and developments in financial analysis and investment management.

  • Accessibility

    Striving to make our platform more accessible by potentially introducing additional languages to reach a broader audience and ensuring content is easily understandable.

  • Collaborations

    Exploring partnerships and collaborations with relevant institutions, experts, and organizations to enrich our offerings and foster knowledge exchange.

  • Community Engagemen

    Encouraging active participation from our members by organizing more scientific activities, workshops, and lectures, both virtual and physical, fostering a sense of community and learning.

  • Technological Advancements

    Staying at the forefront of technology to enhance platform performance, security, and interactivity.